Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes Tips & Tricks

magnetic lashes

Hey gal pals! 

Let's help you get the hang of this lash thing before you throw your hands up in the air and cuss into the sky, shall we? 


Like anything new, it can take a little bit to become a master, but you can TOTALLY do this! 

Here are our top suggestions to try BEFORE having an adult tantrum, eating your feelings out of frustration, or giving up the pursuit of sassy lashes forever:

First off, here is a good overall instructional video to start : How to put on the liner, lashes, & anchors

  • Girl, let your eyeliner dry! We suggest 2 layers. The packaging says 2 min dry time, but I've been known to do 10 for good measure. See what works for you.
    • you don't have to wait that long in between layers but still let the first layer dry a little
  • You may need to trim your lashes to fit your eye. We ALL have different eye shapes, just like we all have different body shapes. One size does not always fit all, baby. Here's a link to a great trimming tutorial video:  Trimming Your Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes & Added Tip 

    They should fit your eye as such:
  • Do you have oilier eyelids? There's no shame in the game, I do too. Which is whyyyyyy I use eyelid primer & put on my regular eye makeup (eye shadow, eye liner, etc) before I apply my Magnetude Liner. 
    • This product has a magnetic component and is broken down by oil (thus why oil based makeup removers remove it). It will stay on your eyelid much much longer (a long 16 hr day for me) if you prime first.

  • Make sure the magnets on your lashes are clean. Before each use, use your finger nail to scrape off any leftover liner residue that may have came off on the magnets from your last use. 

  • THE ANCHORS. What are they & how do they work? With each set of lashes you will recieve 8 bonus anchor magnets. These little suckers are fantastic. In fact, many ladies secure their lashes with ONLY the anchor magnets. Now... they take a bit more practice to get the hang of than plain' old eyeliner, but the juice is worth the squeeze. The anchors are very small, but very strong. They will sandwich under your natural lash and magnetize to your lash strip. **they are waayyyyyyyy different & better than the sandwich magnet lash strips you've seen or tried before.** Here is a great tutorial video about utilizing the anchors: Anchors Explained
    • If you have really round eyes you will probably need to use at least an anchor or two
    • If you're plain just having an issue with your lash not sticking in a corner, pop on an anchor baby.
  • Above All, (I'm talking to you, Karen), be patient and give yourself some grace, girlfriend. You will get the hang of this. Not everybody is a sensei lash application artist day 1.  You just have to narrow down what works for you & find your groove and before long you'll be poppin' them on with your eyes closed. Well maybe not with your eyes closed, but you know what I mean. 

Any other questions: ask us! If we don't know, we'll find out.  

- Jaci